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Types of Gutters

As part of a new home build or a remodel, installing gutters is important. This system carries rainwater and snowmelt off of your roof and away from your home or business. The experienced staff at Colorado Roof Specialists in Littleton, CO, is ready to guide you through the process of choosing new gutters and getting them installed. There are many types, but some perform, last and look better than others. To learn more, please contact us today.

What Types of Gutters are Best?

Aluminum and steel gutters offer exceptional durability and performance at a reasonable price point. They come in U shape or K styles in various diameters. Downspouts divert the water away from your home and can even be attached to a rainwater collection barrel.

Aluminum and steel gutters: Colorado Roof Specialists get the best durability, performance and value from aluminum and steel gutters. They come in a wide range of pre-painted colors, and are resistant to rust and corrosion. Aluminum and vinyl gutters stand up to Colorado’s weather: high winds, snow, ice, rain and hail.

While vinyl gutters are cheap, they are very lightweight. As such, vinyl gutters have a tendency to buckle, sag or crack under the force of high winds and heavy snow. They also tend to need replacement more often than steel and aluminum gutters, so you should weigh the low upfront cost against the cost of replacement.

Seamless Gutters

Especially for people considering a DIY gutter project, the go-to option is often sections of material that join together. There is a sealed seam where each section is joined. A professional installer will most often recommend seamless gutters, which are custom-created to be a specific length of continuous material.

Sectional gutters can easily fail at the seams. Over the years, the repeated expansion and contraction of freeze/thaw cycles can cause the seam to fail, at which point a leak from the seam will be visible next time it rains. At that point, the seam must be repaired or the sections of gutter replaced. Over the years, this maintenance can get expensive.

Seamless gutters eliminate the potential of broken and leaking seams. That means you won’t have to worry about seam maintenance or repair, or seam leaks leading to dripping water, walkway ice and soaked siding. Although seamless gutters may cost a little more upfront, they can save you money over time because of the lack of seams.

Replacing Old Gutters

Gutters don’t last forever. You will be able to extend their lifespan (while ensuring their effectiveness) with regular gutter maintenance, but at some point, you may notice leaks, visible wear/damage, and poor diversion of water. Repair or replace the gutters before the situation escalates to damage to the siding, foundation and landscaping. 

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