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Glazing for Windows in Denver

Window Glazing Services

The team at Colorado Roof Specialists is ready to help you with all aspects of your window project. Although glazing seems like a perfunctory detail, it is actually a very important element of any window. Our Littleton, CO, team is ready with the answers you need. Please contact us today at (859) 539-9035.

What is Glazing for Windows?

Glazing is an essential component of any window because it is the weathertight seal that keeps out wind and moisture. The seal is between the glass and the wood/vinyl/metal window, on the exterior side. Glazing is a type of putty. It hardens after it is applied. Without glazing, water from rain easily gets inside the window where it can cause mold, rot and other damage.

We know how disruptive it can feel to complete home repairs. We work to complete our glazing project efficiently without sacrificing quality, so that you can get back to normal. We stand behind the quality of our work and know how important our customers’ homes are to them. Trust us when we tell you that necessary re-glazing is beneficial. It will preserve the value of your home over time by preserving the windows.  

Redo Old Glazing 

Like all things, glazing doesn’t last forever. It becomes worn and damaged. It may be the right time to replace the window glazing in your home. If you have an older home and the glazing has never been replaced, you likely will benefit from doing so. Glazing also needs to be replaced if the glass in your window breaks. By re-glazing your windows, you’ll be getting in front of what could become larger problems related to rot. It is a proactive approach to maintaining the house.

Here is the basic process our team completes:

  • Perform a full visual assessment of the current glazing and the damage
  • Determine if the glazing needs to be replaced
  • If it does need to be replaced, we remove the old glazing
  • Once all the old, worn out glazing is removed, we inspect the entire window to see if rot or other damage is present and needs to be repaired
  • We apply the new putty and make sure it’s smooth and finished
  • We re-paint after the glazing is cured

If you’ve heard that removing and replacing old glazing is a dirty job, it’s true. Homeowners are happy to delegate the task to us. We perform each step accurately so that it’s done right, and we make sure the entire area is clean from any debris before leaving. We have more than 25 years of experience in this business, and we are passionate about what we do. You can count on us not only for great results, but also clear and thorough communication with you.

Learn More about our Window Glazing Services

Our commitment is to our customers. We provide you with clear communication related to your window project, whether you are interested in replacing the glazing or replacing the windows themselves. To learn more or to arrange an assessment, please call Colorado Roof Specialists in Littleton at (859) 539-9035.

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