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Free Inspection for Insurance Claims

A mistake in the insurance claim process could cost you time and money, and delay your home repair. At EcoShield, we are experts when it comes to insurance claims. We are not insurance adjusters, but we do know how to walk you through making a claim and getting the damage repaired. We are able to discuss the needed repairs with the insurance adjuster, ensuring the scope of work includes the full extent of damage. To get started, call us in Littleton at 720-900-5326.

The Insurance Claim Process

Typically, you can count on the following process:

  1. Free home inspection with EcoShield. We perform a completely free, no-obligation inspection of the entire home exterior to help you decide if you should file a claim for damage.
  2. File the insurance claim. Contact your insurance company directly to file the claim. We can help you complete all steps correctly. Here are a few things to remember:
    • Set aside 15-30 minutes to complete the filing
    • Have your insurance policy number ready
    • Know the date and time the damage occurred (i.e. a specific storm that came through)
    • Write down the claim number provided by the insurer
  1. Let us know when the insurance adjuster is scheduled to perform their inspection. After your claim has been filed, an adjuster from your insurance company has 48 hours to contact you and schedule an inspection, which is called an adjustment. The adjuster assesses the damage to determine if you will get a settlement for repairs or reimbursement for total loss.

Contact us once you have scheduled the appointment with the insurance adjuster so that we can send your EcoShield project manager to this inspection. We accompany the adjuster as they perform the inspection.

Although your insurance policy is there to protect you, the fact is that the insurer wants to pay out as little money as possible while still resolving your claim in good faith. The insurance adjuster works for that company and therefore doesn’t always have what is best for you as their bottom line. Your EcoShield project manager represents you, making sure that the adjuster accounts for and identifies the full extent of damage and necessary repairs.

  1. Scope of work document and repair estimate. The insurance adjuster creates a document that describes the scope of the work required to repair the damage. EcoShield will use the scope of work document to start the estimate.

Filing an insurance claim can feel frustrating and overwhelming, especially if you’ve never filed one before. Our experienced project managers take as much of the stress out of the process as possible. We help communicate with the adjuster about necessary repairs, and we know how to make sure the scope of work complies with industry standards.

Get Started Today

Contact us online or call 720-900-5326 to learn more. We are located in Littleton and travel to inspect homes across the Front Range, including Boulder, Highlands Ranch, Superior, Golden, Denver and Castle Rock. Contact us and we will let you know what steps to take next given where you are in the insurance claim process.

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